Friday, July 4, 2008

How 'Bout Those Rays & Manny Being Manny

Well, if you follow Baseball, how about those Rays? Although I am a passionate Red Sox fan, I love to see a team come together that’s “unadulterated” sort of speak by high salaries & huge Ego’s, etc. My 2nd favorite team is the Minnesota Twins who have been doing well for many years with a low budget & few big name players & now here is Tampa Bay! Even though they swept my Sox, I think what they are doing is great & Manager Joe Madden deserves all the credit in the world. The question now is this: can they keep it up after the all-star break which is when the “dog days” of the LONG Baseball season start to kick in, so time will tell & we shall see!

On another note, Boston beat sports writer Bob Ryan wrote an excellent column the other day in the Globe about good ole Manny. Seems that when this guy who clearly lives in a “bubble” impervious to the fact that people actually work to make a living, got upset at Jack McKinley, the sox traveling Secretary, which if you know anything about the inner workings of baseball is really a tough & thankless job catering to these guys, got thrown to the ground by Manny when he couldn’t produce 16 tickets to a game at the last minute. Now this guy is in his 60’s & here’s Manny throwing him to the ground, but what is worse is that the Sox have yet to take any action! Well maybe Mr. McKinley will! What a message the Sox management is sending to their players & to us when they allow guys to do such things. Bob Ryan went on to say that what happened amounted to assault! Maybe this will be Manny’s last year in Boston & I for one say “Adios Amigo”.

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