Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Pastoral Blogging"

Can “Pastoral Blogging” be a good thing? I’d like to talk about it here for a bit. In this day of “politically correct speech” slowly taking over this Country, and please don't be fooled as we are slowly drowning in this sea of what is okay to say, seems to me that many Pastors have need for an “outlet” or place to share some of the things they may feel they for whatever reason, they cannot say on a Sunday morning in any of their sermons, or maybe have no place in their sermons or Pulpits & that is valid! For instance right now there is a lot of talk about Pastors getting overly political behind their pulpits. Maybe you have heard, but if you haven’t over 30 Pastors of large Churches the Sunday before this past election choose to defy the IRS 501c-3 law that states non profits must not & can not take political sides in any election. These Pastors I guess feel that the pulpit is indeed the place to speak out on politics. This Pastor couldn't’t disagree more! I am no fan of the IRS, God knows that for sure & I see this rule being broken time & time again, especially by those on the left, but becoming as they are is not the answer, other than my humble feeling that the pulpit is not the place to endorse Candidates. I think the evidence is quite clear after this election just how fractured Evangelicals are by all the various person’s they supported. Certainly we can & should use our influences to try to get people to vote their faith & conscience, but to blacken the pulpit with political rancor just de-values God’s Word & our places of Worship.

So having said that, Pastors NOW more than ever need an outlet, a place to vent gracefully of course things that have been “simmering” in their souls for many years! And the beauty is that you can write about almost anything! On my blog here, I have written about topics ranging from the Tampa Bay Rays baseball run to the World Series to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956! Just about everything is “open game”.

So from first hand experience, I can honestly say that blogging for Pastors I believe is really very healthy, both mentally & spiritually. I hope you will consider starting your own blog today! I started here on Goggle & like this site & I am sure that there are many more out there, so Happy Writing Friends!

Stay Tuned,

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