Friday, October 30, 2009

1st Year in Virginia

Hi Friends,

Well we are just about at the one year mark since our arrival here in Forest, Va. just outside of Lynchburg. It's been an interesting year for sure! Many lessons learned in a short period of time I think? We have meet some really wonderful folks, people we will have a lifetime relationship with regardless of our future destinations... I think that for me, meeting different & unique people is maybe my favorite thing in life, not sure? I also realize I had a real naivety about people sadly. In short, they really are at heart pretty much the same wherever you go, are they not? After all my years in Sales Mgmt. and Ministry, you'd think I'd know that, but I guess I didn't....good lesson learned even at 50! The area is just beautiful, hard to describe, you kind of have to see it, those Peaks of Otter, especially when it snows & the tops are covered, the rolling hills, he peaceful pastures & so on, just a real beautiful place from a land perspective, as made by a New Englander! (lol) And what a historical place, if you love history, Virginia is certainly one of the places to go! Poplar Forest just down the road, Appomattox's Court House a short distance away & just so much history. In my next post I'll talk about the Spiritual sense I have gotten from this area. Lord knows it's is for sure a "Religious" area, but do people know truth? That cuts at the heart of it all, they have heard a lot, seen a lot, but do they really KNOW the truth? I'll save that for later friend!

Until Next Time,
Blessings, Al

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