Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Very First Post!

Hi Everyone,

Well, this is as I state above, my very first post. It's my hope & goal to post my "musings" & thoughts on many different subject's & issue's. The beauty of blogging I think is that it gives each of us who choose to participate, a real chance to express our thoughts & feelings on things.
For me, it's sort of like a "Home Group". In Christianity, this is when someone or usually a couple open their home & invite a few friends from the Church & hopefully a few neighbor's over to a weekly or bi-Monthly study which is usually based on God's word or a topic of interest to everyone that is impacting them at the time. So this is what I hope to do here & express my thoughts on things, even those things which are controversial, actually probably especially those things! I also hope that you'll join me in sharing & expressing YOUR thoughts here as well, all comments will be welcome, that are of course rated "R" for readable without my having to delete certain words! (thank you in advance!) It seems that in today's Society, we have all these "talking heads" who express their views & the general public, all too often "consumes" it as though it was fact! And most important is what I call the "forgotten" voice, the voice of God! What does HE have to say on such things? Does HE even speak about such things? So there you have it friends & on each post, I'll finish with these words, "stay tuned", so "stay tuned"



  1. Hi Al,

    Welcome to the blogosphere! I look forward to your posts.

  2. Thanks Ray & I like your site as well, so friends be sure to visit Pastor Ray Fowler's blog, my friend & Pastor of Agawam Church Of The Bible at: