Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What I'll Be Taking On!

Hi friends,

Here are the first few topic's I'll be writing about soon, in no particular order:

  • Arminian / Calvin Theological Viewpoints
  • Hungarian Revolution Of 1956
  • Why Is Disagreeing "Homophobic" Today & Who Is Partly Responsible For This?
  • The Clarence Thomas Hearings, A Look Back at 1991
  • Lakeland Outpouring, My Cautious Thoughts
  • This Year's Presidential Election: McCain vs. Obama
  • Is God A Conservative?
  • Darwinism, "Truth Without Evidence"
  • Evolution Or Adaptation?
  • Popular Preachers Who Take Serious Liberty With The Scriptures
  • Why I believe "Middle School's" Have Damaged Our Neighborhoods
  • Judical Activism, "Re-Interpreting the Constitution" & It's Deadly Effects on American Society
  • The Electoral College, Is It In Danger & Why Did Our Forefathers Create It?
  • Can Women Be In Leadership In The Church Today?
  • Eternal Security, Can A Christian Fall Away?
  • In Defense Of God's Desire, Nature & Character


  1. Hi Al,
    It sounds great and what a line-up of interesting topics! I can hardly wait.